Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Beauty To Behold

Water Lily seedpod

A Golden Heart
Tall Water Lily seedpods and cat tails decorate a lakeside beach.
Let the King of my heart, be the wind inside my sails! Who wants to go riding horses? 
Pale Indigo seed pods
The last snowman, maybe.Spring is so near it makes me want to wet my plants. LOL

Oh mister Bluebird, sing your song for me! We have put out 54 new houses this year  with all materials provided by a family whose mother used to work a route of houses many years back. I had a 100 goal but this is very good to have made this goal get closer.I saved one if you want one. You just need to join me for a hike. Saturday 4/14 we will be cleaning up a neighborhood on the north side of Omaha encouraged by the Bridge Church in Omaha. On 4/21 I will be making clay balls with milkweed seed to sow all along trails and roads around Mills county. On 4/28 follow a sunset hike at the West Oak Forest looking down at the Missouri River.
Male Red-bellied Woodpecker
If you look close at a Starling they do have some tiny stars.
Pelicans in flight are a phenomenal sight. When they turn they blend so well with the sky it is hard to see their six foot wingspans.

"You can't see me, I am just a figment of your imagination, " said Rascal the underfed cat. He comes running if one eats taco chips and loves to join you.  Hold the salsa please.
Deep reflections 
Make me think and believe
How nice it is to be part of this beautiful world.


  1. Hi Steve - you are lucky to be in your part of the world ... but we enjoy the posts and photos you share with us ... I too ponder and think how lucky I am ... beautiful world ahead of us - cheers Hilary

  2. Pelicans have a very majestic flight.

  3. That's a stunning shot of the woodpecker. The last bald eagle photo is another stunner. And an adorable picture of the little Rascal. Your upcoming projects on the next two Saturdays sound worthwhile and fun. We'll look forward to photos. ;)

  4. Too bad I don't live in that area. I would join in on those hikes.
    Rascal does look like he's missed a few I had a cat who was partial to popcorn

  5. Poor Rascal! Obviously he is not well cared for! lol My dogs love taco chips....hold the salsa.

  6. Like Ann, it would be great to join in on the hike. You know I love Rascal!

  7. You obviously wrote this before we got the blizzard warnings. It hasn't begun to snow yet but we still have about an hour. The wind has been blowing fiercely all day. Your pictures look like spring.

  8. You're pictures yell out Spring to me. I love that! I wish it was finally here where I am, but we're in the beginning of another blizzard as I type these words.

  9. What a lovely variety of photos.
    Good pic of you.
    I've never seen a water lily pod before. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and sparkle.

  10. Kitty is so cute!!!
    Wet your plants! LOL! You're funny!
    I'll ride some horses with you!
    Thanks for the gorgeous photos!!


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