Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking For Treasure

Sunrise so bright
Fog drifting off
It's a new day
To explore the land.

 Well, I might try some

Trying to stay clear
Of this little spider here
It seems like a lot of work
To make the billowing web.

 This thunderbird was carved by Woodland Indians

 Hey, there are frogs back in that pool ! Lets go back!

This made me think of Native American stories of creation where they climbed up tree roots from inside the Earth to be part of the land.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mellow Yellow

So it's yellow

 Partridge pea is a great addition to add to an area, attracting game birds and added color all summer long. There is a charm that draws me to this plant each time I see it. A Pheasants Forever chapter was distributing seed and encouraging land owners to apply it around their land.

 The gentle flowers of goldenrod, beginning to cover the prairie

 Rattlesnake Master


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heading Out

The golden glow of the sunrise
Reflects on a new day.
I look over the marsh
And marvel at the way,
How the beauty surrounds me
And all the creatures at play.
It is time to fish some more. A favorite to catch is  bass, I placed my knife close to show it's size today. I would rather be fishing  is my motto every morning. I have my van packed and plan on heading back out for a few days camping again.

 A giant catfish swims back to the depths.

The tiny bird is an American Goldfinch, it's call reminds me of my grandmothers canary who introduced us to Italian words we were asked not to repeat. It will soon molt into winter colors , a sure sign the fall season is coming our way. This is also the state bird here in Iowa, so I get a lot at my feeders throughout the seasons. You can see the plumes of Goldenrod ready to turn the prairie a bright yellow, along with the tall bluestem grasses.

 Pale Indigo seed pods

The dog days of summer are still around. Lily followed along looking for shade as the temperature was well above my body temperature.Sometimes the only shade was my shadow so I had to watch stepping on her after pausing to take a picture. We  headed for a dip at a nearby lake, and a picnic to shrug off the heat. Her newest word she responds to is potato chip, which along with the word cookie will have her sitting up until satisfied with a treat.