Monday, November 12, 2018

Morning Ambience

Almost a Grant Wood scene. Many of his paintings were done near here. There is a museum to the south where he painted a more famous painting many know him for as well as many deviations.
I used to buy pies from the lady who owned this home in the back. This was his sister and dentist for subjects.
A coyote howls
To the prairie moon
Songs of life and love.

My youngest and the "Boyz"
It's time to gather a harem, as rut season begins.

Early morning sun
Peeks through the clouds
Greeting a wonderful day.

Decorah Trout Stream, where I watched a fisherman catch a huge trout in the top pool and tried to get it out without a net only to fall and slide down the falls after his fish. It landed in the pool I was fishing, but held back from my bait with a sore mouth. The fisherman was a bit shook up because this water is frigid. Losing the large fish was equally as bad.
Eagle that has been online near the Decorah Hatchery for a few years. The first year they were on webcam it was hard to get anyone out for a hike. Everyone wanted to see the first eggs and then when they hatched. This is a gorgeous area of the state often called "Little Switzerland".
Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Around The Farm And Lake

If he were talking to his food, would he say,"You Nut?"
This would have been a laundry basket my mother used when I was a child.
A group of farmers assembled on a large farm to help a farmer whose health concerns were keeping him at home. With seven combines and as many trucks and trailers they finished his fields in one day. As one fellow said, it was worth his giving up a day in his own field to help a neighbor in need, even though he had never met him before.
Reflecting on our heritage

Still want to fish, but those mornings are so cold.

Lots of bull elks

Friday, November 9, 2018

Camping In A Nice Nature Area

A hazy morning
Leaves colorful leaves to see
Fall is leaving some of us
Which is hard to believe
But still leaves a smile on our face.

This is in the Hitchcock Nature Area, part of the Loess Hills. It almost looks like the mountains in some areas and the hills are steep to walk. The Loess Hills are a geological anomaly found only in two areas of the world. It borders along the Missouri River. This was a great weekend to camp.

Leaves also make a great bonfire.