Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Love Is Everywhere

I love the art in unusual salt and pepper shakers, but how many does one need? These were only one dollar so hard to pass up. LOL
Walleye Sculpture

Red-headed and Red-bellied woodpeckers

White -breasted Nuthatch

My oldest with my youngest grand
Love is such a simple cure
For all the ills in our world
It can solve problems and offer security
To any in need, so simple to offer indeed.

When those stars seem so bright
At the start of night
I just want to share with you
The beauty that surrounds my life.
Floods have been all around me
 But not too close to stop me 
 From getting around
I hope you are all safe and sound.

Monday, March 18, 2019

A Touch Of Spring, Then Winter, No It's Spring!

Wood Ducks
Only nesting Eagles will stay, the rest trade places with Turkey Vultures for territory and food along the roadsides.
And icicles will leave with them!
Only when one is clear away from the car can cold turn back to winter.

I know I buried that somewhere near here.

Male and female Cardinals look like a reflection in a window almost.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Finding Hints Of Spring

A happy robin

Huddled from the cold
When out with my grands, I take a alternative activity. Really wears them out. there are tiny plastic clubs for them also. We just smack them around the yard, or at a park.

It's really ba-a-a-a-a-d outside, even with boots. Soggy, muddy and streams are going over their banks. Not the best to travel in since many roads are getting closed.

These guys are migrating more north. A few will stay and nest. All the Iowa counties a\have nesting pairs . I have watched a few nests for years. Have you ever watched the live camera for the Decorah Eagles? A treat to watch, go online to try them out.
On a perch looking for a meal
Please don't look at me
Hmmm, you could be my meal I see.