Thursday, December 6, 2018

Holiday Beginnings

A bit crude, but funny to a mountain man
I have went through over 25 pounds of peanuts since October, but enjoy watching them get consumed

This poor guy will be chased for his antler figuration
A wreath I made from barb wire while clearing off a field many years back

I got your nose

No monkeying around, I love the holidaze. A good friend just adopted her foster children, and at 4,5 and 7 years old I told  her it would be fun to watch their activity for the holiday. With her older kids they were not shown a secular Christmas and made a birthday cake for Jesus each year. With these children their birth mother celebrated with Santa this last year and now they will carry on that tradition in their new home. I need to get a family Santa gift for them all to enjoy. I have a tiny elf dog on my piano I am denoting as a Sammy on the Shelf in tribute to Sammy Pork Roast and having him living with me this year.


  1. What a lucky family to have the adoption finalized before Christmas! A family Santa sounds like a perfect gift for these children. Loved the photo of the red-bellied woodpecker!

  2. That cardinal looks a little surprised to be having it's picture taken

  3. Hello, love all the birds and critters. Your sky shot is beautiful. Congrats to your friend and to the children, I am happy for them. I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  4. The birds certainly do love peanuts …
    Great photographs again, many thanks.

    All the best Jan

  5. Young children are so much fun during the holidays. I have a feeling you will get the perfect gift for them. Thanks for linking up today.

  6. the holiday is made up of many interesting things.

  7. That first pic is charming. And the cartoon is pretty funny. Kudos to your friend for adopting those children.

  8. Love the photos! That dog cartoon really made me laugh! LOL!


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