Friday, November 9, 2018

Camping In A Nice Nature Area

A hazy morning
Leaves colorful leaves to see
Fall is leaving some of us
Which is hard to believe
But still leaves a smile on our face.

This is in the Hitchcock Nature Area, part of the Loess Hills. It almost looks like the mountains in some areas and the hills are steep to walk. The Loess Hills are a geological anomaly found only in two areas of the world. It borders along the Missouri River. This was a great weekend to camp.

Leaves also make a great bonfire.


  1. Gorgeous Fall photos . . . your views are spectacular :)

  2. I would need that bonfire if I was out camping now. We got snow today. It didn't stick but it sure was cold out there

  3. Great photos!!

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  4. I like your photo of the rising moon and country road.

  5. Hello, pretty leaves and nature scenes. Love the cute dog and the birds. The bonfire looks nice. Great photos. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  6. fall up your way can be so brilliant and then it all fades to brown.

  7. The bonfire looks so warming.
    Great photographs here.

    All the best Jan


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