Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thoughts Of Tranquility

How could I ever forget

The gentle moments

We have spent

On the prairie

Looking at the moon

And stars realizing

Where we should really be.

Let me make it plain to say

How much I love you

Each and every day

Let me tell you a secret

What kind of secret you say

You are the most beautiful

Ladies in the world

And just knowing you

I realize how well

Everything is going my way.


  1. Hi Steve - lovely ... wonderful ladies - agree there ... while the old oak tree (if it is an oak) is pretty amazing ... delightful showings all and your words - cheers Hilary

  2. The only thing that broke my serenity was "are those black hollyhocks?" The rest is indeed tranquil.

  3. Is that tree really growing right I the middle if the road?0

  4. Wow, Steve! Some beauties here. I love the shot of the Meadowlark...so crisp and with lots of detail. I also like the last three, especially that shot of the road. And what a great landmark...the tree in the middle of the intersection. Might have to put that on my list of things to see.

  5. I can't take these pics!! wow wow wow!!!
    every single one is just breathtaking!!

  6. Awesome post. Great photos. Great poetry.

  7. I thought I commented on this yesterday but maybe not...lol Is that tree seriously growing right there in the middle of those two roads?

  8. Hello, lovely series of photos. I could not pick a favorite, I loved them all. Have a happy day!

  9. I can't believe that tree at the crossroads.

  10. Your photographs are lovely.
    Your words are lovely.

    I think that tree is breath-taking and as for the ladies, they are something so special.

    A wonderful post from beginning to end.

    All the best Jan

  11. Such a beautiful, lovely post!
    The tree in the middle of the road is gorgeous!

  12. That tree in the middle of the road is perfect.

  13. Excellent photos are fine words. Wait... there's a tree in the road!

  14. Such precious little granddaughters. How blessed you are to have children/grandchildren to love and love you. Such pretty pictures of nature; the reflection of the sky in the water is gorgeous.


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