Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Sunday Stroll:Summer Nears

Tree Frog
Sings to me
In such a rich baritone.

Robin Eggs
Turkey Vulture

Luna Moth
17 babies and one loving mother

Cedar Waxwing
The trail ahead leaves many good memories behind.
Oak Savannah mural by a friend, a mother of five.

Visit Marcie the originator of Sunday Strolls. Her Quiet Country House in Michigan is always a treat to visit. 

Peace, love and happiness to all the I know and meet.


  1. Good Afternoon, Is this the hitch-a-ride frog? It's lovely to see your woods turning green; the beautiful lilacs, red bud blooms, tulips, and are those magnolia blossoms? The blue of the robin's eggs and the blue bell is gorgeous. That is a very clear shot of the Turkey Vulture. I love the old shovel, the horse, the moth and the mama with her babies. Many years ago, mom's pyracantha berries were ripe, and what looked like hundreds of cedar wax wings descended upon those berries. Such an amazing sight. Your friend who painted the mural is very talented - a blessed Mother's Day to her. Do you travel a long distance to capture these lovely pics? Blessings, Mildred

  2. What a great mural. I could walk right in to it and sit in the shade of that oak tree.

  3. These shots are just gorgeous. I adore the photo of the horse.

  4. You have so much color in your corner of the world. Just love each of these photos.

  5. You've outdone yourself with this post, Steve. So many wonderful images, and topped with that glorious sunset photo. Well done, my friend.

  6. What a large clutch of goslings. Luna moths already. You have gone into summer I think.

  7. Hi Steve - all gorgeous shots ... particularly the last one - well them all!! Cheers and enjoy your nearly summer week - Hilary

  8. Absolutely glorious.
    How did you get that shot of the robin eggs?
    There's my lilacs!

  9. Thanks for the walk. It is always positive and peaceful with you. Thank you for that.

  10. Glorious! Thank you!! I even liked the turkey Vulture! LOL!

  11. Cute frog, love the gorgeous flowers and blossoms. The last sunset shot is awesome. Lovely series of photos.


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