Thursday, April 5, 2018

Getting Out

As I stepped into the Joselyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska I felt like I was visiting some old friends. It has always thrilled me with my visits to enjoy this "Fourteen Old Dancer", one of the few statues Degas ever created. She has a hidden charm that offers me serenity when viewing. I have always swayed toward many Impressionist painters, and often pursue this with my photographs. She stands in a room of many notable painters, but I always spend a long time reviewing my thoughts of previous visits. I was there when she was first installed and she has been part of my life ever since.

Many may be surprised that this rough and tumble naturalist enjoys ballet. I started with my first time watching "The Nutcracker" and have attended it as a holiday tradition for many years. I have served as an extra in a few productions and at an early age it was suggested I maybe dance with a younger sister. This wasn't going to happen to a teen, but in later years I wondered if maybe I had made a poor decision watching her attain lots of glory with her dance, as well as becoming very much more coordinated for playing sports I felt I wanted to. I still think of her when I go to a production and laugh a bit of my grumpy reply to my mother when she suggested my taking it up. Both always are  smiling at me from offstage, from within my heart, out on the prairie.
A sketch he made of the dancer.
Dance Class
After leaving the museum I took a short hike along the Missouri River and found a number of other treasures. The Loess Hills are in the background. 

Thank you for all your kind thoughts .


  1. Cort is my dancer and he's really enjoying ballet this year. Previously he only liked the more "cool" dance classes, but we've always let him pick one class and then also do ballet, since the other forms build off it. This year was a turning point for him, though, where he's really started to like it. I hated ballet the one year I took it myself (age 9). I only wanted to ride horses :-)

  2. Obviously you are feeling better. Good news. The artwork is lovely. Just as lovely are the pictures of your outdoor explorations.

  3. The statue and the last picture just take my breath away.
    I'm so glad you enjoy the arts. You have a wide breadth of interests.

  4. Glad to hear your still kicking - and still finding treasures.

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and a bit of a peek into your thoughts re ballet. Praying that you are much improved.

  6. Ballet gets a bad rap. Movement, color space put together has to be good.

  7. Hi Steve - is it freezing down there ... isn't that statue a delight - Degas loved his little dancer ... so lucky to be able to see her and then walk ... I'm hoping you're feeling better - cheers Hilary

  8. You're just full of surprises, Steve. But I agree that ballet is beautiful and highly athletic. The photos are lovely. I'm not sure when you made them but hope you'll soon be well enough to get back out on your beloved prairie.

  9. To think you could have had a career in dance if you had only taken your mother's suggestion :)

  10. Good to hear that you are up and getting out. Hard for me to think that people wouldn't enjoy ballet. I appreciate the refinement, beauty, and true dedication it takes.

  11. Good stuff. I've never been in a museum of art. I always want to go but I never make it.

    1. You have a nice one in Sioux City, and a nice arts festival there in the summer.

  12. Happy to hear from you!
    That statue is gorgeous and I love your photos!
    Big Hugs!

  13. I always enjoy anything to do with ballet, so thanks for your pictures here.

    Take care

    All the best Jan


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