Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Trying To Show Winter One More Time

There are some signs that Spring is around the corner.

A frozen stream and waterfall with ice and snow melt flowing on top. The waterfall is easily 2m(6.035ft) tall

 Sheer drop about twenty feet(6.096 m).

You can always tell a kid how to blow their nose the right way, but sometimes they have a better method. My other caption might be,"Mmmm humans, I hear they taste like chicken."


  1. Do bison go moo...or is it more a mahhhh?

  2. When I lived in Iowa, there were cornfields everywhere and I don't remember anything but flat land around Waterloo.

    1. Headed to Waterloo area to George Wythe State Park to view some otters. I always stop in Clarksville and visit the locker

  3. I'm hoping the weather forecast is right and this white stuff melts in the next few days. And the Big Sioux is supposed to crest this evening so maybe I will go out this weekend and look around.

  4. Both of your captions are funny and either one fits well

  5. We've had heavy frost the last two nights. Winter always likes to rear it's head during the end of June. Great pictures.

  6. Humans, taste like chicken! LOL!
    Don't go so close to the edge!!!
    Great pictures!


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