Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Stroll: Ready For Warm, But Then.....

Too cold today some would say, especially with no windshield.
I bet it has a lot of horsepower. I'm ready to ride, and have power to spare.
How many horsepower does one need? I can move too fast you said the other day, at least for that smaller unit.
I bet like me it always is a charmer!
Wait, aren't I the charmer? I just showed up around here and feel I am the cutest all around. It was nice meeting you, I will see you again.
The portal is open for a nice walk in the woods. You can see the trail ahead, but never know where it will take you. That sun has been in and out today and I was glad I brought along my new camera bag to keep everything dry. The temperature felt like it was dropping with stronger winds. A protected draw provided a bit of relief from the winds.Nothing should stop you from enjoying a day, it could never happen like that again. BTW clumsy mittens sure came in handy also, wearing a lighter pair of gloves inside of them. Enjoy all the beauty I found while out on the prairie. 

Antler shed  from a previous year. I wondered if the buck who shed last year, maybe stepped on it this year. This stand of wild plum would still be a good place to hide.

I have seen some huge flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds.
Male Downy Woodpecker

Wait, it was just misting rain, this can't be.
A tiny deer trail fills quickly with the fluffy blowing snow. It reminded me of the river I had followed. It soon will melt when temperatures will rise. The car felt good with the heater turned up. Close to three hours hiking forest, prairie river bottoms, and some cropland. The last mile next to a nice line of pine trees helped block the wind again and made it fun to be out in all the changes of the weather. It had done this yesterday, but most had melted away.


  1. Hi Steve - lovely to see the land, the birds and flourishing livestock - waiting for Spring to come ... just like us! Cheers Hilary

  2. The lambie is just the cutest ever.
    I miss red wing blackbirds.
    Enjoy your day, Steve.

  3. Sounds like you could have used some of those battery powered socks

  4. You had lots to see on your Sunday stroll.

  5. The calf is truly a cutie. I am ready for a bit of reliability in the weather.

  6. You found some great photo ops on your Sunday stroll. Love seeing all the birds. We had a gorgeous day here today. Much appreciated. We never know how long it might last.

  7. Fringe on red looks fancy! Love the horses and birdies.

  8. Beautiful series of photos. I saw a Downy woodpecker here yesterday.

  9. Wonderful shots. Young calves are cute, aren't they.

  10. love the dried star bursty seed pod.

  11. That’s a very fancy motorcycle but I much prefer those cute horses & the calf! Lots of beauty whatever the weather out on the prairie!

  12. A three hour hike is pretty darn healthy. I bet that heater did feel good when you got back to the car:)

  13. I love the animal and bird photos! Glorious!


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