Thursday, March 1, 2018

Prairie Castles

The King, Queen and Prince of the Prairie

I can't believe this tree still thrives. I laughed when a friend pulled out the black sunglasses to the left of my chin in the next little recess. Many had been to my new found spot.

The stories that could be told
Of days long ago
And all the great times and activities 
Played out within these old barns.


  1. The King and Queen reign over a vast domain of plants, animals, and topography. Long may they riegn.

  2. Nice portrait of the royal family. Love this barns. The first looks like it's fallen on hard times

  3. Great photos, especially the eagle family and that amazing tree.

  4. The barns tell of a very different age and technology.

  5. Wow!! Truly breath taking photos! Really loved them all!

  6. Such stunning pictures!!
    I love, love, love this post. It looks so peaceful and creepily gorgeous!

  7. That hollow tree was a fun find. I can't believe it's still "thriving," as you said. Love all the prairie castles and, of course, the eagles.


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