Monday, February 5, 2018

You Have To Love It

A nice day at the lake fishing through the ice. Sometimes it is fun to do on skates.
I caught the ball before this dog did, but it had a fun time running across the lake after it.
You big wimps, taking it easy, staying warm.

Hiking down the river takes you to places you never have been.
That ice is thick and fun to walk, an easy trail to follow.

A crow in the mist
Brings wisdom
For all to share.
A friend examines treasure as we walk down a frozen river, 
On a misty Sunday morning.
These boys feel a new book is needed each time I come over. If not then we read their top 4-5 books of the week together.
A swath of black covers the landscape, a recent burn out on the prairie.
This allows for better selection and the plants not overcrowding an area. Some seed even germinates better with fire.

Summer thoughts, and some aren't.
Prairie Clover bloomed in July
You know me, food always tastes better outdoors.


  1. Silvered Treasures!

    "A crow in the mist Brings wisdom For all to share."

  2. I have a fav today...the shot with the sun behind the bare tree.

    Cheers. It's 71 degrees in Tampa today.

  3. I think I am a wimp ;-)
    But that would be a fun frozen river hike!

  4. gotta love it or be miserable. I'd be miserable.

  5. That picnic pavilion does look inviting, even in the cold. Did you catch anything out on the ice?

  6. I'm leery of walking on a frozen river. I feel like a warm current will suddenly flow through and melt right under me.

  7. I hate ice fishing! Sitting on a block of ice waiting is not for me, but the rest of your walk looks like great fun.

  8. You better eat fast or your food may taste better but it'll be cold

  9. Food does always taste better outdoors, but I have a hard time proving that to myself in February! Kudos to you though!

  10. Great pictures! Love the crows! LOL!


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