Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Open Water

Open water
Always attracts beauty
I like watching them
Because it soothes my soul.

The grey immature swans almost ghost out with their coloring in this shot.

This track of river is open for about two miles, and full of waterfowl seeking food.

Their bills like fish nets, Pelicans swim at the front of the pack.

With a huge gulp a fish is swallowed


  1. Wonderful to watch & enjoy! I never thought of pelicans living in your part of the world!

  2. I love these pictures. Waterfowl and sunlight glistening on water...perfect.

  3. Pelicans in Iowa? And here I thought they were likely still on the Gulf Coast...:)

  4. I haul two buckets of 27% protein dog nuggets to the lake out back each day to feed the ducks and geese. No way for you to feed all of those. The males are getting very territorial as spring nears.

  5. Pelicans and swans are very majestic birds.

  6. Beautiful!!The photos are gorgeous..I bet that water is frigid!!!

  7. ahhhhh, can't beat a relaxing time on the water

  8. Open water must be rare right now, judging by the number of water fowl on this particular stretch of it. I liked the pair of eagles in the tree, too. The first Decorah egg arrived last night. The fun begins.

  9. so many immature swans! where are all the adults?


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