Friday, February 2, 2018

Colors Everywhere

I sit here in the summer
Listening to the pines whisper away
Telling secrets and stories, always inviting all to stay.

As a child, the first Robin was always exciting to discover. It was a sign that the kites were to be flown and Spring was coming soon. Now a few stay all year, but are always fun to see. They stay in a flock over winter, usually in deep woods.

Starlings have such a pretty reel of song, I believe almost 15 sound patterns.

That tiny shimmer of water
Rises above the ice as it flows
It doesn't bother to stay very long
It just goes and goes and goes.


  1. Lovely - the sun is out briefly today ... makes such a difference and as you mention wonderful colours. I"ve seen a few new (to me) birds here ... but need to get a better grip with their names ... it'll come! We had a heavy frost this week ... and the snow is on the mountains ... but life is springing ahead - cheers Hilary

  2. We are starting to get more light and some brighter colors.

  3. when I lived in the city we had robins in the yard all year. out here an hour away, I haven't seen a single robin in the decade we've been out here.

  4. It looks warmer there than it feels here.

  5. In the picture with the big rocks, the one on the left resembles a tortoise.

  6. you did very well at finding color. I need to take a better look the next time I go out. I'll probably find more than I realized was there

  7. Sometimes the shot is less important than how it makes us feel about our environment when we are looking through the lens.


  8. There are a lot of colors there. They are more subtle in winter, but definitely present. I thought I caught every color in the rainbow the other day when we had a blue sky and a colorful sunset.

  9. That's interesting about the robins staying. Truly beautiful pictures! Enjoyed them all!


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