Wednesday, February 28, 2018

River Daze

This was the bridge used in the movie, "Bridges of Madison County ". It is also on a water trail route for boating. It is good early in the year as many Iowa streams are .

Peeking over the nest.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Beauty Abounds

This ice was shimmering like diamonds

The shapes of the crystals was amazing, each one a tiny sculpture.
Almost like floating feathers.

My favorite, click and enlarge

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Stroll: On The Farm

My avian friends keep me company while I stand off in the background after feeding and watering stock. It is a daily task and I get to join if I show up early. I enjoy being around it, but the little bit of thaw made everything messy. The mud just will refreeze when temperatures drop again.

Downy Woodpeckers

Cardinal and Junco
This hawk is nesting and feeding others already. It is a regular visitor, it must be around eight o'clock.  It seems early to nest, but the weather changes. The newest pair of eagles are about a week late that I watch. 

Geese flying

While watching some trick skiing on the Olympics, and watching a number ski backwards, I had to try it out. This shot is my tracks before I fell down and was unsure if to get back up without checking for protruding bones. It amazes me how they even figure out a routine. My kids are all snowboarders so I have seen a few daring tries. When storms hit the Rockies they are running for that new snow. I am really agile on ice skates, but those routines are very hard to do. I spent a whole morning once mostly falling down trying to gather a few dance moves on the ice with a partner. I grew up playing lots of hockey and ice skating. It has been a nice time watching a few events, but can be rough on your body. Hey, would you mind giving a poor fellow a hand up?