Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The New Year

I wanted to go somewhere for Christmas or the New Year, but someone spent all my money on gifts, soooo I went the cheap route. Unfortunately as pointed out by world renowned artist,  Dori Lewman, I had the reindeer on backwards and wasn't going to get anywhere too quick. Follow us, called my swan friends. It is much to simple to just fly, fly away.

I would get going quick said a friend.
You'll freeze your ......... woodpecker yelled, his voice trailing off in Artic Winds. I found the rest of his sentence today, it was still frozen after a week.
Get going before it gets too tough everyone said, and off I flew.
I thought back of some great moments through the year. A giant teepee mark shows signs of lots of fun for both young and old.
Think how many feet passed through this well worn entry
Their thoughts carried sailing out on prairie winds
For all to hear or at least feel
Out on the prairie.
What was once junk
Could become treasure
It had a name at one time.
About a 61-63 Ford or Mercury
Not sure about this one, it has this number on the front grill that made me think Buick, or an old Jeep, International or Dodge. Any ideas from anyone?

I think I might use this door in a planter, LOL! Maybe make a better gate. It is a long way to the car and this won't make it soon.
A neighbor prepares his garden, I always enjoy watching an old guy who can't stop. He always keeps me entertained just watching him all year in action. He changes my oil on all my vehicles also.
Ed has Parkinson's on top of being in his 80's. 
My year slipped past really fast with lots of new things happening. I hope you all had a good New Year and haven't froze to death.  When I turned this on it said -13 F and -30F wind chill. My how time flies when you have such good friends on a blog! I will have to go back and try to remember all I have done this last year, my plate is full for this year.


  1. Hi Steve - happy New Year ... and all the best for your coming year - lots of happiness to keep you well occupied. Ed looks amazing ... wonderful how he's busy as a bee ...

    Great times for you and your family ... cheers Hilary

  2. I love winter, all ten days we have here. Great pictures.

  3. Looking back over the past year can help you look forward to the next year. The colorful birds make me feel good.

  4. I'm thinking that after Christmas that reindeer is so tired he doesn't know if he's coming or going.
    I thought it was cold here with 7 degrees and -14 wind chill

  5. What an entertaining post to lift my spirits - what a great old guy who keeps going - that's the way to do it!

  6. It is a chilly winter for us in KY. Not our usual. Stay warm and enjoy this new year!

  7. I find the years slide by very quickly. Interesting old cars.

  8. I guess I won't complain about the 23˚ here this morning...much.

  9. Horrid cold here and I hate it. I long for southern CA, though I'll never get there. Your neighbor has good genes. May he live another twenty or so years and never slow down.

  10. Happy New Year! Love the picture with the reindeer! I can't believe all those old cars in the forest! We are in a major deep freeze! -40 celsius.

  11. Such colorful birds. My late dad had Parkinson's and I was his caregiver for about the last 20 years of his life. I'm thankful Ed is still active. And speaking of Ed changing the oil in your vehicles, dad would wake my sis and I up early on summer Sat. mornings to help him change the oil and grease the car and also to change a tire. lol Years later, I had a flat as a teen and knew how to change the tire, but at 98 lbs. I was not strong enough to lift the tire - oops!


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