Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Little Here And There

This was a brief blizzard with large ice crystals made up of over a half dozen snowflakes. This poor eagle was fearing for the worst and beach combing along the river bank hoping for a small morsel. My camera refused to focus and I tried a dozen shots of this guy while we were both close to each other. It sure did look bad, but I was glad to have weathered it out, it cleared for  few more hours.
Black-capped Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
Bald Eagle
An ocean of snow contains a pearl, a Trumpeter Swan sitting on the ice by itself.

Female Cardinal

Three Bluejays sitting at the feeder.
Here are the other two of a group that has stayed together, five total. Sometimes the last children stay with their parents until the next brood is hatched.
It is fun to see how Jays can change their hair.

Oh, sorry to walk in front of your blind. The director of photography arrived, more to record bird songs for a piece he was working on for a local news station. Being 15 degrees made us some of the  few human visitors to this park. I would love to have that camera, and really enjoyed watching his mastery at preparing a great piece about the beauty found all around us in the winter. The final piece was exquisite, it was fun watching knowing the creator and seeing similar interests in shots.


  1. Now that's a super camera! Still, you got great shots of the blue jays & cardinal!

  2. Hi Steve - your shots are great ... but as you say it's always good to see experts at work ... bet his 'article' was really interesting and lovely to hear the bird song - perhaps you can put up for us at some stage ... cheers Hilary

  3. Great photos!I love sitting here with my 10 year old, showing her different types of birds and wildlife.
    Your blog is very educational:)

  4. I love watching the birds. We've had the same ones at our feeders. Too funny about the Jays' hair changes:) These were just awesome pictures, Steve. I really enjoyed them.

  5. You always get such great pictures of the birds. That sure is one impressive looking camera

  6. You are a brave one to go out in the cold.

  7. Great shots. You do have endurance! Pretty cool to see the creation of a piece you could watch later on TV.

  8. Interesting post. I know it can be tough out there on the prairie for both humans and eagles alike. We're expecting our first significant snowfall here tonight in Bluff Country...

  9. I love all the photos, but those blue jays stole my heart! I like to have a camera like that too!

  10. The swan photo is gorgeous. What a delight to be able to capture that picture.


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