Friday, January 5, 2018

It Was So Peaceful

It is hard to imagine how fast the land changed from a gentle landscape to a cold and treacherous snow and  ice covered prairie. That Artic blast gave quite a few of you a jolt having cold when you rarely do. There have been a few evenings I just go to bed and read, curled up in the covers.

See how the limestone starts a thick layer under the hillside. it is hard to imagine the ocean that existed here and formed it.
Always a slippery road to cross. It takes you across into another small section of this pretty state park where there is another entrance, a nice lodge and picnic grounds.

 I liked how the splatter from a chute created these shapes that continue to grow. You can see the water spraying forming ice into a variety of shapes. It reminded me of coral.
You can see the stealth as one foot followed the next, dragging slowly through the snow, predator seeking prey.
Firepit Wreath
I look around to see if I spot the predator I am tracking.
Now I identify the predator as a fox.
It must have missed the previous prey, and continued through the forest. I am the first human footprints in the area. There is a pleasure being the early visitor on a new snowfall.

The prairie falls asleep under its frozen blanket. This is a time of rest and tranquility.

Here a herd of Firepit Wreaths gather for the evening. They were pretty quiet, but can become very loud and rambunctious.

A song filtered through the frigid breeze, a song of life, sharing health and happiness to all I have met and love. It travels all across the prairie, whispering in everyone's ear tales of happiness. There is a great year ahead of us, and lots to share. Enjoy it with me, out on the prairie.


  1. I love that you enjoy getting out, no matter what the weather...and that you share your walks and adventures with us. I think my favorite in this set of beauties is that barn in the late-day sun.

  2. Beautiful pictures of winter. I love wintertime, especially when it looks like this, but I haven't liked this deep cold very much.

  3. I like being able to tour the frozen prairie right here from my computer chair. No need for boots or heavy layers.

  4. it does look frigid. I'm glad you enjoy it. I would be miserable.

  5. Rather poetic and spiritual description of winter setting it's grip on the land.

  6. I wonder why animal tracks through the new snow don't seem to spoil the beauty of it but human prints make it seem impure.

  7. Thanks for sharing..these photos are beautiful.
    We are getting a cool burst..some rain and lower temps, but never ever anything like what you have there!
    stay warm:)


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