Thursday, February 1, 2018

Going Around The State

While the eagles visit in multitudes during the winter, I travel looking for open waters that attract them. I always find numerous other treasures and of course visit many of my prairie friends. Iowa's east and west borders are the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, plus the state is divided by a number of other fairly large rivers. Fish is an eagle's favorite food, so they hang out where fishing is easy, often catching stunned fish coming through dams. I will find them on the back water areas of the large rivers during a melt and have seen some pretty large crowds this year. Each of the 99 Iowa counties has nesting eagles, but this time of year is amazing to watch them in multitudes. Trying to get close is real hard, they move away before the threat is even near. They roosted in one area, then when I approached flew back upstream about 1/2 mile. Lots of hiking, ever so stealthy. I am glad I wore my sneakers today.

One skims on top of the water in search of a snack.

I finally get one in flight centered in my frame and no magnification.

These Wild Turkey almost appear like a drawing in a tiny snow storm.

I always love my horses

A Trumpeter Swan has joined the pelicans, ducks and geese below a large dam.
A youngster watches all that is going on.


  1. Pelicans intrigue me. That cow looking directly at you looks like it has evil intentions.

    1. kind of does look tough, maybe because i was thinking prime rib when looking at it

  2. It's always so fun to see your winter eagle pictures. And I love that shot of the lone tree.

  3. As good as all your photos are I'm really liking the one of the tree

  4. been seeing Vs of geese heading NE and NW.

  5. Swans are the birds that captivate me. They are so graceful and elegant.


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