Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Out On The Frozen Prairie

The splash from the dam outlet below me has created a small snow flurry because of the cold. When it is zero one can throw a glass of water in the air and some snow will fall.

This pelican either believes it is a goose or likes to use them as a strategy when it fishes. Not many stay around when winter moves in so cold.

Ice fishing
Can be a bit lonely
Until one discovers
The beauty all around
Out on the frozen prairie.

I better go out and give it a try, the fish tastes real good coming through the ice.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Stroll: Eagles Galore

It is always so nice to watch the eagles. The hard freeze sent many to areas of open water and after it thawed a bit quite a few still stuck around. The tough part is standing out in high winds trying to get a steady shot. These huge birds move very fast so it is real hard catching them in flight. The sun lasted about 1 hour this morning and it snowed a bit to make it even seem colder.

Sometimes they are hard to spot, but amazingly these just popped out after getting nearer to the dam area. They are across the river from me.
You can see how fast this pair of immature eagles swept past my aim. One can see the wing of the one in front and closer to me. I was aiming at it and the other entered the frame. There is a frozen stairway on the dam so fish can travel up or down river. 
Going in for a meal, one person called those talons fishhooks when I was out.
Ray at Troutbirder posted how they like to steal from everyone else, and they are bad. Sometimes I think it is a game. One swoops in for a fish and two more are right behind it just in case that it is missed or there are more. 
Got to go, there goes Seymour again. It just landed and took right off.
The ice from being twirled below the dam has formed like lily pads.
Sail, sail away my friend
Freezing cold never matters
But it must get old out in the cold.
An immature eagle watches all around

Visit Marcie the originator of Sunday Strolls. Her Quiet Country House in Michigan is always a treat to visit. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sun Play

With partial and full overcast days I started playing with sunlight direction. The colors stood out on this turkey's feathers, but 10 more feet away none showed. Aligning with varied horizon levels you can make it look close to a sunset just by adjusting your angle. With the cold we had there was also added refraction with the ice crystals in the clouds. I go out almost every day, normally shooting 400-600 photos a month. During December I went a bit heavy shooting over 1200.  I am past the 400 mark today.Ideas always change and new thoughts drift across the prairie, sharing times of happiness with all of you around the world. I always enjoy hearing from you and look forward to the next time we meet and chat for a bit.
A frozen river
With the sun behind the clouds you sometimes never know how it will come out once digitalized. I liked the cloud rainbow that barely shows pink in the bottom the clouds mass. The ice was bending the light just to add a touch of color to the clouds. With the quick exposure you see the lower spectrum of colors. To the eye it had more colors like a rainbow.

Here I angled and caught a color effect, but zooming out in the next  photo lose almost all.

The round seed heads of Rattlesnake Master share the prairie beauty with Blue Stem grasses and Tickseed. When I admire dried flowers I often think of going out with my mother to gather her fall and winter arrangements. One year I gathered Cat Tails and sprayed them with some hair spray like someone told me so they didn't burst open to release their seed. Both mine and my mother's blew up the same day. I think you were suppose to use White Rain Hairspray, but also pick them a little less ripe. I think I even went and cleaned them up for her. It might have been the tone in her voice, she felt I maybe had played a joke on her. Every year I would ask if she needed any more.

And the sky parted.....

Here the sun lowers behind a fairly large cloud bank, starting sunset lighting about an hour early. I hear the call of a pair of owls, and one short staccato challenge by a crow . I walked back into the woods to look for these night time travelers and had to use my footprints in the snow to get back out. The dusk settled in rather fast, and I never did sight the owls. I was glad I had been the only human on the deer trail I had followed in.