Friday, December 15, 2017

That Holiday Spirit

A baby eagle in a big tree....
Sleigh bells jingling.....
Here comes Santa Claus........
This is one of those where you wondered if a bird was perched on this tumble of driftwood. Once close you can laugh to yourself.

Graceful through the sky
Sailing down onto
Gentle water.

Huge burr oaks
Each it's own sculpture
Gnarled and spreading branches
Reaching for the sky
When the sky doesn't seem so far away.


  1. We don't have Burr Oaks; but, we do have many species of Oak. Oak is my favorite tree when it comes to their branching and tree shape during the winter time.
    Great pictures. Ann

  2. Hi Steve - wonderful photos - love seeing your part of the world - cheers Hilary

  3. I always liked the looks of the bare branches against a blue sky

  4. Love the oak trees. They create some good characters.

  5. That's a great shot of the young eagle. The pileated woodpecker is a beauty, too. You had a clear and sunny day for your outing, something we don't see enough of at this time of year.

  6. Those giant oaks are amazing and when bare in winter you can better appreciate their form! Great series!

  7. Isn't it great that winter reveals the incredible structure of trees?

  8. I see your pictures and I want to be out there exploring. They inspire me to go outside.

  9. Lovely to see the blue skies in your photo's, ours have been a little grey recently.

    All the best Jan


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