Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sunday Stroll: What's Been Going On Lakely

I like how the stem on top right of this picture continued on with the picture before it.

Oh, stickers like Velcro.
It was late morning, but the angle of the sun allowed me to silhouette some bare branched trees.

These tables would be better to sit on in July.
Not really, a piece of driftwood covered in grass.
I forget how these are always around this beach and hard to stay out of. It is good to carry a comb to take them off and to stay rather dapper while out hiking. LOL It was the shape of these spines that lead to the development of the Velcro design. These aren't as sharp as a smaller cousin, but can needle you a bit when they get all over you. Have a seat, pick off burrs, and maybe comb your hair. I like to in the summer to make sure I didn't get into any Wood Ticks while out walking.
Fairy Condos

I will see you later. What do you call these where you live, there could be a regional variation. I may have used @^$&. a few times.

Visit Marcie the originator of Sunday Strolls. Her Quiet Country House in Michigan is always a treat to visit. 

She just celebrated a birthday Saturday and would enjoy a belated greeting.


  1. I all them cockle burrs. It beats swearing I guess. The pictures all remind me that it's Christmas time.

  2. Wow, great texture in these photos. Love the play on words in your title. :)

  3. Hi Steve ... loved seeing the Velcro needles - but delightful pictures - yes rather cold to dangle ones toes in the water at this time of year ... faeries and fairies will do well in your neck of the woods or lakes - cheers Hilary

  4. Winter is a peaceful time of the year. I'm not real fond of the cold but I like the restfulness.

  5. The continuing stem was pretty neat. You had me really staring at the "beaver" picture, until I saw your note on the next one. I expect your regional variation on the name of that plant is pretty common elsewhere, too.

  6. I didn't notice the stems in those two pictures until you mentioned it. I had to go back and look. It looks like you planned it that way :) I think I'll pass on having lunch at that table. Around here I think those pesky little things are just referred to as dam burrs

  7. Winter is as lovely in its own right as summer, as you've so aptly shown!

  8. Lovely, peaceful pictures.
    You had me on the beaver:)
    Have a holly, jolly week.

  9. I really like the beaver. That's one animal that eludes me.

  10. Beautiful images.
    Such a lovely post.

    All the best Jan

  11. Excellent post! Great information too! I don't know what those things are called. They look like little pinecones to me! LOL! You had me with the beaver! LOL!


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