Sunday, December 24, 2017

Peaceful Gestures

In the "Ugly Duckling", the mismatched duckling became a swan, but in this guy's case, he never has changed. I am sure he is never going to make a good picture since that pose happens quick each time a camera is pointed his way. A family joke perhaps, this guy still works in his late 70's. Says it is what keeps him alive. My guess it is so his wife doesn't kill him. He has painted for my family for years, and does good work fast.

Also, the Trumpeter Swans have been hanging around for a few weeks and keeping me busy watching them. They move so effortlessly and in great sync with each other. The darker ones are youngsters, still wearing that grey.

I was trying to  see how large of group I could fit in a frame. There were 88 today, so a treat to watch.


  1. The swans are gorgeous and that last shot is very pretty. Wishing you many blessings in the new year.

  2. Goodness 88 that's a lot!
    Those skies are beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  3. That was fun. I had a good time counting swans in each picture. It was not always easy because as soon as I finished I would see one I had not counted the first time.

  4. The guy looks like a character. Working in his late 70's. He's doing something right.

  5. The swans are so pretty. I have the same problem that guy in the first picture does. Nice thing about selfies you can keep taking them till you get one that doesn't look too

  6. Beautiful. Wish I had swans to watch.

  7. That guy looks like fun!
    Truly gorgeous photos!
    Happy New Year!!


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