Thursday, September 21, 2017

Around The Prairie Sits Beauty Everywhere

A mother and her fawn look cautiously before entering the woods.
I listen to the silent flight of butterfly wings all around.
One lights close and I race to record it's beauty.
I whisper a thank you and bid them a nice day.

Blue Lobelia
Monarch caterpillars in the milkweed garden.

Moon Flower

E-e-e-e-e--K! Hentz's Orbweaver

Gomphrena makes a good dry flower for arrangements also.

Miniature Cleome in some Dill
A rose and some Four O'clocks not opened yet. Four O'clocks were always a packet of seed I planted for my mother and still do. I can always hear her voice in appreciation and smile with the memories they create.


  1. Wow, Steve! Some beauties here. I love all the butterfly images, but especially the Monarch in #19. Love the sky in #14, too. And that hibiscus image is gorgeous.

  2. Flowers, butterflies make an interesting afternoon.

  3. It is definitely coming onto fall. My favorite season.

  4. Love the color and vibrancy of this series, Steve. I really appreciate how planting 4 o'clocks connects you to your mom and to your memories.

  5. Hi Steve - fantastic shots ... all of them. The glories of nature - wonderful sky ... but the plants, butterflies and caterpillars are a delight to see so clearly. Four O'clocks - great name with happy memories ... no wonder you carry on planting them each year ... cheers Hilary

  6. Oh what a visual feast! Gorgeous blooms still decorate the prairies!

  7. another set of beautiful photos of beautiful things.

  8. I will miss the gardens. Love it when it cools down, but get a little sad at the summer's passing.

  9. I grow Four O'Clocks as my mom always did. I also have some nice Cleome this year.

  10. All gorgeous photos. I wish I could catch one of those orb spiders with a photo some time. I guess I'll have to look harder to find one...

  11. Oh! Such pretty pictures. Those sky photos are breathtaking. Such a sweet memory of your Mother and the four o clocks. You have featured many of my favorites. I dearly love butterflies and your pics are so nice. We still have many butterflies and hummers in the garden. Our moon flowers are slowing down now.

  12. Beautiful post!! Very touching memory with your mom!

  13. Good Morning and thanks for your comment on the moon flowers. We have collected many seeds from the moon flowers and wondered if they will reseed. Thx for sharing that. Our yard is a downward slope and we are hoping they just extend down the property line! lol


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