Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Stroll: Voas Nature Area

Young Dicksissel

I always use this huge cottonwood to get back to my car. It is three trees but appears as one when in leaf. Some Native Americans believed ones soul returned to the cottonwoods. This is over 600 acres of prairie and a woodlands. This is a favorite area for me to examine my thoughts and enjoy the beauty offered year round. In the winter if there is over 4 inches of snow, they offer skis to cruise around well groomed trails. It is always fun to meet new people with similar interests.
Tiger Swallowtail

The Viceroy Butterfly is a Monarch mimic. It is much smaller and has the bars across the midwing.
Giant Swallowtail
Painted Lady
I like the star shape on the blooms of this phlox.

One can see how the petals twist in a spiral on the toad lily and then swell to produce a huge seed pod for such a small bloom.

This bee chews through the hollow petals to get to the nectar within.

Monarch Butterfly caterpillar
Visit Marcie the originator of Sunday Strolls. Her Quiet Country House in Michigan is always a treat to visit. 


  1. such beauty. I love cottonwoods. the city of Houston banned them years back because the 'cotton' would clog people's air conditioners. if you had one on your property you didn't have to cut it down but no one was allowed to plant new ones and all the ones on city/public property were cut down.

  2. Cottonwoods are made for the country. I will have to remember the lore out it as I have two large ones in my little backyard.

  3. It is fun to discover a flower breaking off and flying away.

  4. The Viceroy would have fooled me. I thought it was a Monarch. That image and those of the swallowtails and the bee are especially beautiful.

  5. You have some perfect photos for this time of yea.r I like the butterfly shots.

  6. summer strolls with your eyes wide open give you lots of good photo opportunities.

  7. Thank you for the stroll. I'm impressed with the butterfly photos. Those buggers are hard to capture. I also love cottonwoods.

  8. Super shots of the butterflies! A wonderful area to enjoy in each season.

  9. What a nice place to roam

  10. The first two pictures stand out to me. First the bird on the top of the branch. Then the dragonfly doing the same. It shows the similarities and also the differences between the two creatures.

  11. Love all the butterflies! Looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to spend time!

  12. Thanks for your visit.
    Love your photos, very special. Take care Diane


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