Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Along The Forest Edge

Taking a friend out to shoot photos I commented," You will like the Toad Lilies blooming, it is the only place in the county with them so thick." When we arrived it was still early and the lilies new flower is curled in a spiral until the sun warms it again. A unique bloom, it was worth the wait to watch them unfold. There was a lot of other beauty to keep us entertained.
Culver's Root
Liatris, a white anomaly with this purple flower.
Monarch on Bee Balm
Toad Lily
Queen Anne's Lace

Woodland Phlox

I shot a lot of this Tiger Swallowtail without noticing the nick in it's wing. While I was shooting it a Fritillary flew in and I readied to get it's picture until a sparrow swooped in and grabbed at it. It got an even bigger nick in it's wing and took some time to recover.

See how you don't notice the injury with the right angle.


  1. Love the flowers and the butterfly, injury and all.

  2. Poor little buddy. Hope he recovers.
    Great pics. I've had most of those flowers at some point in my gardens.
    Glad you had a friend to shoot with.

  3. Injury or not it is a beautiful butterfly. All those wildflowers are sensational.

  4. Oh my. I loved all your butterfly shots, especially the Monarch and the first one of the Tiger Swallowtail.

  5. My echinacea is definitely on the wane and the phlox is slightly. Makes me sad, but the butterflies are enjoying it.

  6. so pretty. my toad lily is a little different, more purple and brown and doesn't bloom til the fall.

  7. I always think of Bee Balm as Bad Hair Day flowers;)
    Have a great one, Steve.

  8. Going out taking pictures with you would be quite a treat. You know where all the good stuff is

  9. It is still a most beautiful butterfly.
    Fabulous selection of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  10. I'm impressed that you know what they all are!

  11. Fantastic butterfly photos with lots of lovely flowers to delight us also!
    Your first photo is very good!

  12. Hi Steve - wonderful shots and thanks for labelling the plants - I love seeing what they're called. Lucky butterfly to escape - its life is short enough as it is .. cheers Hilary

  13. Beautiful photos! I always enjoy your walks. I have been watching our little hummingbird try to elude robins and other birds.

  14. Truly breath taking! Thank you! I hope the little butterfly is ok!


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