Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Prairie Tales On Prairie Trails

The breeze hit me when I stepped out of the car. It felt humid and hot. The weather was doing a bit of a warm up and soon would be back in summer temperatures. I looked through my camera and found my lens fogged over from the change in temperature. I cleaned it with my shirt and quickly aimed again at the Kingbird I had wanted before. It flew away before I got a shot. Down to the side was a bright orange patch of Butterfly Milkweed. I love the orange color it adds to the prairie.
Everywhere I turned I found a new bloom growing.
This prairie is full of life and radiates  in color.
From tiny flowers, that bloom so bright.
To flying flowers made just right.
I am always amazed when I see one light.
Right near or in front of me.
Beauty found out on the prairie.
Spreading across the land as far as you can see.
Dragons Beard
Lead Plant
Purple coneflower


  1. I haven't seen a buckeye in years. my friend had an elderberry in their backyard. they called it the monster bush.

  2. Dragonflies seem to be everywhere right now. They're moving so fast it's hard to get any pictures. I'm glad you have good closeups of them so I don't miss that.

  3. This time of year is when the prairie shows off its colors. I have seen most of these and more. I have seen a lot of wild roses again. For a few years it seemed like they were going away.

  4. Looks very pretty on the prairie.

  5. Something beautiful atbevery turn

  6. Purple Coneflower is a favorite of mine in the summer.

  7. We see a lot of the orange milk weed here. I enjoy your photos very much. Such grand, sweeping views, the birds, dragonflies and butterflies along with the colorful flowers.

  8. I'm sorry you missed the Kingbird, but you got a great shot of the Catbird. Love all the dragonflies, too, and the purple coneflower.

  9. And gorgeous it truly is from now till the snow flies and the New England asters are done...:)

  10. Gorgeous photos! Sorry you missed the kingbird! We have been hot and humid too!


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