Sunday, June 25, 2017

The First Day Of Summer

As the sun sets the stage is prepared
Sage on the right will be used for each person to carry around the stone clock that marks the path of the sun on this day. You are to examine your year coming up or previous year and look at your life.
Children play on a circle of stone, a clock used to tell the seasons change. Archeologists had determined a clock had been here 3-5000 years previous, used by woodland tribes. This was rebuilt after being disturbed with a excavation. Mike tells how all the stones were set while we each sat on one.
Flags represent the four directions, and each has a significant animal to identify with. Each person chose their side to help hold the banner with others.

I chose the east flag with Cecil, our animal was the hawk.
A mother grabs the inner flags with her daughter. The daughter becomes the mother of starting our fire by her choosing this flag.
As the sun slowly sets, stories and song are shared.

A fire is started using a friction from a bow
Blowing on the ember creates a flame

I drop my sage upon the blaze.
Our lives and thoughts are carried with the winds.
Ray leads us in the Coyote song, a story of the coyote saving a tribe from hunger. He is Lakota and shares his culture with many. All songs were sang in his dialect.
As the day ends we walk through the prairie and down along a river to look at the fireflies assembled. It gave all a time to share their lives with others. We came back up and set a telescope up watching for the first stars to appear and called out constellations. We could see the rings of Saturn and four moons around Jupiter with the telescope. When someone mentioned the time I laughed since I was to meet my youngest for a day of fishing in about 6 hours. It was too fun to leave, but I headed home, only living 12 miles from here. Hello summer, I hope to have lots of fun with you.


  1. What a wonderful way to kick off your summer!

  2. I look forward to summer, but I'm going to miss spring as well. It was a good spring, and I hope it will be an even better summer.

  3. what a great ceremony for welcoming summer.

  4. Certainly a beautiful and memorable day to start summer. Very enjoyable pictures.

  5. A great ceremony. I liked the experience.

  6. Sounds interestin and educational. Great way to kick off the summer

  7. Wow! What a great way to honor the start of Summer!

  8. Hi Steve - sounds like a great camp out ... lots of fun, lots of learning and loads of great times and views - gorgeous photos really showing family and community life. Expect you had lots of fun fishing the next day ...cheers Hilary

  9. Steve, Love the solstice celebration. The stories and your narrative were especially meaningful since I did not have a chance to participate in any solstice celebration this year.

  10. Oh, Steve, how wonderful. I'd never heard of this ceremony. And seeing the rings of cream on the cake:)

  11. Wonderful! What a great way to celebrate stummer!

  12. A very beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this ceremony! Means a lot to me!


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