Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sunday Stroll: Prairie Love

Often to catch that best light of the day I like to go out at sunrise.
The light streamed and soon shifted into illuminating all around. 
The smells and sights all melded revealing a world that often stops me in my tracks. The profusion of Honeysuckle and these Elderberries drifted into huge clouds allowing one to just stand in and enjoy.
New prairie arrivals begin covering the hillsides, such as this new foxglove.
It is like the return of an old friend. 

Would you walk up this tree
At least see how far you could be
Just to see, just to see
How far up you would go up in this tree?
Purple Coneflower


I noticed a tiny animal crawling toward me. When I approached it reared back on it's hind legs and tail, snapping it's large claws at me. A wayward crawdad moving to a new stream. It is about the size of your index finger, and looks similar to a miniature lobster. How many of you have caught these? It  definitely is not a land creature, so needed water soon.


  1. I enjoyed "going along" on your early morn walk. Love the sun streaming thru the trees and can almost smell the fragrant flowers. Cute little crawdad, too. Many blessings in this new week.

  2. I have never seen a crawdad here on the prairies. But as far as the tree if I could still climb I would be at the very top. All your pictures remind me why I love living here so very much.

  3. Hi Steve ... I've never seen a Crawdad - interesting insect ... I hope water was nearby and it was able to reach it. Lovely springing of your early Summer ... cheers Hilary

  4. I'm afraid if I climbed up a tree I would never get back down

  5. We late-risers prefer to think that the best light of day is at sunset. :) I'm not sure I've ever seen a live crawdad, but we see lots of their holes at the state park we visit frequently, and several of their little carcasses in the drained lake bed.

  6. Love the shadows and light in the first couple of pictures. Wow! Great stroll.

  7. Perfect photos and light is truly the photographers friend.

  8. I love the back-lighting here! Great pics!

  9. Early morning walks are great. I've recently discovered them again myself.

  10. such beautiful flowers on the prairie.

  11. Glorious nature photos! I loved the light streaming through the trees!

  12. What a magical post! That little creature is adorable!


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