Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lazy Days

Laying on my back
On a log over a stream
Listening to the water

A simple thought
So clean and true
I thought about someone
Maybe it was you.

I shot a close up of the only flower on this bush two pictures back. It had a uniqueness that drew me in and I stopped to see all the beauty around.
Assassin Fly
Insect galls
A simple heart
Future Blackberries
That Bluebird of happiness

Father Bluebird

Teepee air conditioning
Mother Bluebird

Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

Stormy weather
Moving in
Was just clouds.


  1. I really like that first flower picture. The green color of the picture really stands out.

  2. What an early bird you are, out and about. It is beautiful to see what goes on at that hour.

  3. Hi Steve - would love to lie in that teepee ... with some air ... and see the clouds wandering over, or the trees moving around once the canvas was opened. Wonderful shots and loved the birds - lying above a stream just listening to nature above, beyond and around ... luxury ... cheers Hilary

  4. Your teepee air conditioning looks like a doorway for mosquitoes to me. The lone white flower in the big green bush is truly a beauty mark.

  5. Great bluebirds and sunsets.

  6. Hello. Beautiful images. I love the bluebirds especially. Love the golden sunsets, and the butterfly. I pass a tee pee often located on a big farm where the give horse riding lessons.

  7. Laying on a log over a stream sounds pretty nice but I'm imagining how much it would hurt when I try to get back up lol

  8. Ahhh what a sense of calm there is in your photos!

  9. Love the lone flower in the sea of green...sweet shots!

  10. Oh, I love the bluebird in #20. Great capture.

  11. Beautiful images here, and I really liked seeing the tepee.

    All the best Jan


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