Monday, June 26, 2017

Dragonflies, Butterflies and Buffalo

Hover close
So close to me
Ever so silently.
Comma Butterfly
Fritillary on Purple Milkweed

White Buffalo are a rare find


  1. Oh, I love seeing the white buffalo! The butterflies and dragonflies are gorgeous photos, too. Have a very nice weekend.

  2. The return of the white buffalo about twenty years ago was the sign for indians that their lands would return to them etc. Here in OK, they began tribal casinos and now make tons of money. Some old saws are true it seems.

  3. I like to see the differing patterns of the wings on dragonflies. What a find to see white buffalo. They were thought to be holy by some Native American tribes.

  4. Hi Steve - wonderful photos of the dragonflies and the butterflies - amazing ... while seeing the white buffalo - how special ... cheers Hilary

  5. That one buffalo looks like he could use a hair

  6. I don't believe I've seen a white least, not a live one...maybe one that's been to a taxidermist. Judging from the number you saw, it appears that someone is breeding them for their color. By the way, I appreciate your using the traditional word for this animal. I resent the pressure to call them "bison."

  7. Very cool stuff. I somehow missed this post until now. After seeing your pictures this time, I'm glad I didn't miss it altogether.


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