Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meanwhile, Out On The Prairie

Tree Frog
Lazuli Bunting
A turkey vulture swooped close overhead, not making a sound. It came back working in a slow circle past the area I was sitting in, enjoying the sounds and sights of the prairie. A small storm formed to the west and I expected to see some rain, only to be passed by and never see a sprinkle. It is always nice to return home to my prairie and relive my travels. Voices broke my thoughts and I was visited by a four children wanting to hear about my travels for the day. I smiled and thought of my adventures to share and indulged their curiosities. Not a sound was to be heard as I shared my tales out on the prairie.
Carolina  Wren
May Apple
Male Baltimore Oriole

Emerging prairie
New green covers an area that was a fall burn to replenish the blooms.
Dame's Rocket, a mustard family, note the four petals to signify that.

Prairie Castle


  1. ... and you would have lots of stories to tell. Each bird and plant can result in a story.

  2. There are a lot of turkey vultures in this area. I love watching them soar on the wind currents.

  3. Love the little frog and your flowers and landscapes are beautiful!

  4. I like the Dame's Rocket. The stuff grows all over the place around here.

  5. Good Morning! Such lovely pictures to start my day. The birds are gorgeous; I've never seen any of these in person except the Wren. A pair has a nest beneath our deck! I love these sweeping views you have shared and the description of the children listening in awe about your trip. Have a nice day.

  6. Amazing sights of wildlife. Really like your landscapes and close-up shots.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. so many beauties, so much beauty.

  8. Some beautiful birds, especially that Lazuli Bunting. Lovely flowers, too. And I'm smiling at the Prairie Castle.

  9. I dont think I've ever heard of a redstart before. What a pretty little thing

  10. I always enjoy your photos. We have quite a few tree frogs and plenty of honeysuckle.

  11. Hi Steve - so glad you gave us the names - incredible birds and plants to see ... oh and those vistas ... then the stories to tell - glorious thoughts ... cheers Hilary


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