Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fun In The Sun

What seems a bit dreary
Has that feel of beauty
That surrounds us
All of our lives.
And this just fits just right.
Nursery time
New growth on moss.

Putting the teepee back up
Provides a perch
For Father Bluebird

You can see where someone has cut off the deer antlers on the one skull.
These Osprey babies flew out of the nest in the last few days. It is on top of a communication tower.
Red Admiral


  1. Good Afternoon, The best pics I've seen of spring! I love the first three photos especially. Have a great afternoon/evening.

  2. A red admiral flew right into my face this morning on my walk with Micah. I may have caught it on camera, haven't checked yet. Your photos are wonderful... love the teepee and especially love the new growth on moss. Always looks like a "whoville" forest from Dr. Suess to me! lol

  3. Oh, the wonder of it all. The first picture remind me of looking through a crystal and can't wait to see that teepee. And, I thought Osprey were only by the sea. See how little I know.

  4. We have beautiful skies too. But nothing compares to the drama of the prairie skies for clouds, rain, sunlight for sure.

  5. The osprey were a nice picture. And the lamb in the tub was adorable.

  6. You have many flowers in the sun.

  7. What a wonderful post. I can't pick any favorites out of this one. They're all delightful. What fun to have an osprey nest where you can watch the family grow.

  8. Great photos! I especially like the first one. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Steve - lovely photos ... but you ask why do they need the antlers ... humans. Otherwise totally gorgeous .. cheers Hilary

  10. what a serene set of pictures. wish I had a teepee.

  11. Great pictures! Really enjoy seeing the beauty of all wildlife!


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