Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meanwhile, Out On The Prairie

Tree Frog
Lazuli Bunting
A turkey vulture swooped close overhead, not making a sound. It came back working in a slow circle past the area I was sitting in, enjoying the sounds and sights of the prairie. A small storm formed to the west and I expected to see some rain, only to be passed by and never see a sprinkle. It is always nice to return home to my prairie and relive my travels. Voices broke my thoughts and I was visited by a four children wanting to hear about my travels for the day. I smiled and thought of my adventures to share and indulged their curiosities. Not a sound was to be heard as I shared my tales out on the prairie.
Carolina  Wren
May Apple
Male Baltimore Oriole

Emerging prairie
New green covers an area that was a fall burn to replenish the blooms.
Dame's Rocket, a mustard family, note the four petals to signify that.

Prairie Castle

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Weekend

I am hoping that you all have a memorable weekend for Memorial Day. As a child my father loaded up all the boys and we went and decorated graves. After that, his school had an all school reunion since it had closed in  1968 with  failing population. The town he grew up in has about 80 people now, but was never more than 400. Out family homesteaded in the area in the late 1800's and we have two family cemeteries in the area, one for the Catholics and the other for the Protestants. It has became my tradition to do the same with my fathers passing a few decades ago, but I go earlier to decorate. I spend my weekend cooking with a friend in Kansas City all weekend for the local hospice who had taken care of his wife in her last days. This will be the third year. Last year we fixed seven cases of pork baby back ribs and 7 whole beef briskets. I fixed ribs for over 14 hours one day. His grill is huge and one with wheels like a trailer. 
Some of you may celebrate with a religious observance.

I always see peonies in bloom and think how they always were in bloom with the iris this time of year at the cemeteries.

But what else could I be doing, this is a good time of year  for fishing.

I will observe it all and be thankful for all the good memories.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Stroll: A Rose By No Other Name

It was a dark and gloomy day. I got up early and waited for the sun to peek from behind the clouds. It did for a moment, and went back to hiding. Storms have played all over the state for days. My rain gauge shows 1 5/8 inches, but the cold is the worst. I have worn a sweater most days, and sometimes even more. I felt these early blooms were cheerful, in a rose garden I worked in one summer. They liked my botanical education being prepared and put me on a shovel or push mower most of the summer.  It was fun in the fall bringing home dozens of roses as we prepared them for winter.  I also met a friend who starts his own hybrids from seed.

My favorite shot

This tiny bunny wasn't too afraid, but more hungry.

I thought this was a statue until I turned my back and it started sneaking up on me

Out And About Thinking Small

Even the smallest of things can be large in my life. I love to discover the beauty of all around me.

Tiny florets the size of a pencil
Tiny birds
A tiny stretch of river bottoms.
Tiny fish, but his first one caught for the day and the year.
My tiny baby
Not so tiny grandkids.
Tiny babies
Tiny parents

Tiny guest house
Have a wonderful week!!