Saturday, April 1, 2017

Come On Spring!

Henry, you really need to pick up the cats nicer. I am
The rivers are full with thaw and weather

Football for a birthday boy

 You have pink animals, pink shirt and pink shoes, did you plan it this way? Yes, she replied. I teasingly asked if I could hold her animals, thinking they were too precious to part with. She handed them to me, and was amused when I sat them on a nearby car and took their picture. Thank you,  they like that,  she said. She ran to join a neighbor, leaving me with the toys to watch. 
Life is good

Tulips coming up for a first year were given a cold shoulder, but have continued to grow. One day it was warm and the next we were covered in snow.  It melted quickly, but has stayed cold.
It was so cold the world became covered in ice crystals. I saw the  refraction and stopped to capture it. I was headed to a bird blind with a pair of grandchildren.
A pair of Canadian Geese preparing to nest
Male Pileated Woodpecker

Eastern Meadowlark

What was once a vast ocean
Became a mighty sea
A sea of birds and flowers
Out on the prairie.
The end of a great day


  1. Hi Steve - how lovely to see the fun and pranks the children were having, while you could occasionally look up on your prairie. That does look cold - we've had some cold, but it is slowly warming up ... cheers Hilary

  2. Those days are to be relished. I saw it snowed up north. No snow in April.

  3. I was just thinking the snow seemed to have disappeared overnight and then the snow picture came. I saw two juvenile pileated woodpeckers chasing each other around on one of my oak trees last week.

  4. I love the little one's reaction when you took a picture of her toys. I do think Henry might need another lesson on picking up cats, but usually the cats will give the lesson. Great shots of sky, land, and water. I really like the ice crystal refraction shot.

  5. Love all the wild creatures: birds and children alike! I love the way your photographs show the slow approach of spring. Everything is beautiful, even as we are impatient for more color, more warmth, more growth!

  6. I really enjoyed visiting with you all on such a beautiful spring day!
    Ps we love Peppa Pig too!

  7. Life isg good. I am still chuckling about the picture of the tulip plant. It looks like a rabbit buried in snow with only its ears sticking out.

  8. Good Afternoon, Steve. Fun to see the young ones enjoying their time outdoors. Kitty Cat might give a lesson or two with a couple of quick swipes! You must have looked very trustworthy to be entrusted with those pink toys! Fun photos. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. I feel a bit bad for the cat but I'm laughing at Henry's technique.

  10. Great skies at your place!

  11. Lots of signs of spring in Iowa...:)

  12. Love the sunset and the stuffed animals!

  13. I love the boy's cat carrying technique. It always seems to work out well for little boys even when the results are lots of scratches.

  14. I hope that cat's alright! LOL! Great pictures!


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