Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter's Last Eagles

The Bald Eagles offer most of their winter hunting areas to the Turkey Vultures. The eagles fly north except for the ones who nest around me. Turkey Vultures arrive from the south after a nice winter vacation.
This hike was down in low areas along the river looking for shed deer antlers.

Remnants of deer carried here by coyotes. They eat everything just about.
A piece of spine and a leg.

A bit soggy

Old cars swept away from previous floods in the spring.
Bumper Crop
A beaver had collected these reeds and limbs. It is interesting that they were cut all the same length, but also how it collected them and balanced them so well on a submerged tree in the river.
Debris that had collected from high water in this lowland area.

Deer prints running fast.
You will have to watch your step along here. It is a twenty foot drop to the water and full of thorny locust trees. I think I will walk around this on a different trail.


  1. I smiled at the "bumper crop"! Looks like winter is loosening its grip in your neck of the woods!

  2. Looks like fun. I love beaver huts/homes.

  3. Some of our bald eagles stay all winter but I think we're getting some from the south now.

  4. "A bumper crop"...funny. Sorry to see the eagles go, especially when replaced by turkey vultures. We're seeing a few turkey vultures here already. There will be a lot more soon. They're pretty, except for their heads...and they provide a service. I think I'd have looked for a different trail, too!

  5. Hi Steve - those thorn trees do look nasty - not a great place to trip or stumble. Lovely photos of life ... the beaver's hoard of sticks - nature is extraordinary and clever. Thanks for these still wintery shots ... cheers Hilary

  6. I'm laughing at the bumper crop. You found some good things out there but next time you should wear your mud boots :)

  7. I've actually seen two bald eagles this winter. That's a high number for me.

  8. a fun collection of pictures as usual.

  9. I think you need some muck boots!

  10. What an adventure! I love beavers! They are an amazing animal!

  11. Hi Steve, Good call on the "bumper crop" photo and it's exactly something I would have used for a Friday Funny.


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