Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Watch The Birdie

Swans softly soar
Leaving behind treasures
Of days gone by.

Looking through fog
Paints the landscape
In a blanket of grey.

Sun peeks through
As geese fly by
Calling out in an age old song of life
Out on the prairie.
Reflecting on the world
Reflecting on life's variable knowledge
Reflecting loving thoughts in song
 Reflecting each and every way.

February is National Haiku Writing Month. Join in on enlightening thoughts and share with others. Check out the NaHaiWriMo site and Facebook to learn more. I'm think I'm Japanese, and think I like it. Sometimes I call my style IQ or My Q.



  1. I would love to watch the swans. I think I'm Japanese too, somehow. Love their culture.

  2. I love your haiku verses. Reading those words and viewing your photos of serene natural beauty was like a meditation. Thank you. :)

  3. Wonderful photos and haiku! The feather with water droplets on is so beautiful!

  4. Love the splash of rrd from the cardinal

  5. Haiku is cool. I'm always impressed with brevity in message. However, my mind does not work that way. I must constantly whittle.

  6. Love those swans. Never any around here. A few geese though.

  7. I didn't recognize the haikus until you reminded me.

  8. You kept finding feathers. It means a loved one who has died is thinking of you.

  9. Hi Steve - the first photo makes me think of a fisherman's lure. I'll give Haiku a miss ... but am glad the grey has gone from here (sea-fret - they call it in Northumberland and Yorkshire) ... I can actually see the sea - and the sun is out ... storms on their way though. Cheers Hilary

  10. Those swans are beautiful. And I love the feather's photo..

  11. Hope you didn't have to clean your lens after taking those shots of the birds flying over. :) Love the white feather with water droplets. Great shot.

  12. I kind of miss seeing geese every day like I used to do. It's good to see them in your pictures. I hear them flying by sometimes and I try to see them. There must be a place nearby that they visit. I'll find it one day.

  13. The upper portion of the first image of geese in flight almost looks like the outline of a goose in flight.. mouth open on the left.. feet trailing in the right.


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