Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking You To The Top

I left you here when the sun peeked into the valley. Lets head back up the hill.
Water peeking through the ice.
There is an ice shaped by a leaf near the middle. Maybe a Pin Oak.

Can you see the ice leaf in the lower left hand corner?

Fairy home

This bone was a good marker to return close to where I started.
Feeling tall
Even if you are small
Stretching out on a warm sunny day.


  1. The ice leaf is very cool. Get it? Ice, cool
    Was anyone at home in the fairy home.

  2. I like the ice leaf. Quite a thing to spot! Wouldn't it have been great for a fairy to pop out of that little home?!

  3. Good eye to see many of these images.

  4. Hi Steve - love the photos ... and your shadow "Jack and the Beanstalk" style ... it's slowly warming up ... enjoy the week - cheers Hilary

  5. I really like this post. It feels like a little story.

  6. A fun post. Love the ice leaf and the "feeling tall" shot.

  7. Brrr, looks like it must still be fairly cold there. We had a mild weekend here. It was a nice treat.

  8. Love the photos! Looks a little warmer up there this year!

  9. I was pleased to spot the ice leaf in your photo!
    Great moments standing tall & casting a long shadow!

  10. I love the ice leaf and the feeling tall pictures! They are all amazing!

  11. Most of our ice has actually melted. It does look beautiful. I always enjoy your walks. I'm stuck walking on our road as the snow is just too rotten for boots or snowshoes.

  12. Fun pics. I especially liked the Fairy Home:)
    Thanks for sharing.


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