Thursday, February 16, 2017

Looking For Spring

A favorite area to explore, walking these steep hillsides. It always offers me time to gather my thoughts and find some new ones. I found a great array of sculptures formed by the ice on the stream. It will be there one day and gone the next. The beauty is enjoyed along with the sounds of the water running under the ice. I have a favorite log at the bottom to sit on, or even stretch out and rest on. Follow me down into a canyon looking for treasures new and old.

Frozen waterfall

Here I arrange rocks in the spring so I can cross over. You can walk for miles following this stream on the other side and never see anyone else. This is my couch made by a log that has been here for quite sometime. When  it is hot I lay in this fast running water and then dry off on the log.


You can see imprints of leaves and logs from a long time ago.
Leaves that have sat on the ice make imprints heating the ice below producing this delicate filigree pattern.
Huge shelves have formed from glaciated snow coming down the hillsides.

Tomorrow you will be gone
Slowly fading away
New art formed on another day.


  1. At the farm, I always went looking for signs of spring. It was usually wild onions and mayapples. At the city, I see swelling buds on the trees.

  2. great pictures Steve. Are these hikes from home or do you drive somewhere first?

  3. You're an inspiration, Steve. I love how you can see and appreciate the beauty around you, no matter the weather. Your search for spring will bear fruit before you know it, and we'll soon be complaining about the heat and humidity.

  4. Hi Steve - clever about the boulders .. helping you cross; while the constantly changing art work is beautiful - nature is glorious ... while your couch looks good - though not for now - a while yet ... but the warmth will return - cheers Hilary

  5. This is a very special place where you feel a oneness with nature.

  6. I am still trying to decide whether the first picture is a leaf or a mushroom or something else. A little intrigue.

  7. I missed the log so I had to go back. Secluded areas are best for walking.

  8. What a great place to hike and explore. If you find spring in your search send some my way

  9. I see in your pictures similar things to what I see here. The snow is going away but the rivers and lakes are still frozen. It's just a small thing I've been finding interesting.

  10. Lovely. You can't beat natural art can you, Steve?
    Hope you're enjoying your camping trip.

  11. Gorgeous!!! So beautiful being out in nature's beauty!


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