Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Little Bird Told Me

Black-capped Chickadees are a hard subject to photograph. They don't hold still for very long, so I spent part of my morning in pursuit of a good shot on these tiny birds.

Huge pieces of ice are left behind from a ice jam that moved and melted away.

A flash of huge wings of dark brown and a white tail and head told me it was an eagle that swooped  down on the highway ahead of me dodging traffic. A squirrel lay in the road, and this huge bird needed a bite to eat. It was amazing how it saw such a small morsel in the middle of town. It flew to a nearby tree and I got off the road to catch a few pictures. I tossed the squirrel off toward it and it sat and looked at easier pickings. I stayed for a bit and snapped fast. I was shocked how easy this was to shoot, they normally don't stick around near humans.

I have been watching a few Bluebirds that stayed over the winter. This large prairie area obviously has enough food and shelter to keep them there.

That first print in the snow
I like to be there and leave my mark
And hope others will see that mark I make.


  1. Love the images of birds... both large and small! They were so cooperative for you! I doubt if I have ever taken a noteworthy image of a bird, but you do it constantly. Kudos!

  2. Glad you stopped to watch and photograph the eagle! Such a powerful bird in comparison to the sweet little chickadee!

  3. I am seeing signs of spring too. But I am not ready to trust.

  4. Your patience paid off with the chickadee shots. You got some nice ones. Of course, you know I love the cardinals and the eagles. Doug and I struck a squirrel on a busy highway one time and, in our rear view mirror, saw a bald eagle swoop down to snatch up our victim. The term "eagle eye" comes to mind.

  5. You captured some lovely shots.

  6. You got the big and small of things and they both sat still,

  7. I find chickadees are easy because I feed them in sight of my window. I've never gotten a close-up of an eagle though.

  8. Hi Steve - wonderful shots ... loved seeing the photos - the eagle is magnificent ... while your black caps are beautiful ... lovely - thank you and cheers Hilary


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