Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Cold moves through and reminds us winter can be brutal. I stopped at a bakery and got some nice rye bread to make grilled cheese and tomato soup to warm my body after a day outside. I have gotten chapped a few times with this bitter cold, and winds today changed many situations. Two days ago I found 179 swans out at a lake and today they were elsewhere, maybe a coffee shop staying warm. I had to stop once just for some cookies to help me recover from sugar withdrawal from eating so much over the holidays. Think I will make noodles tomorrow with some leftover beef roast, and perhaps a cheesecake. I call that soul food, it nourishes the soul when one eats them. YUM!
A few Christmas Leftovers
Hoar Frost
Makes the sculptures
Of love and limb

Hmmmm, I wonder who has been in my office? Monkey Boyz?
Ice sculpture
Trumpeter Swans
Hot rapids in Iowa,WOW!!!!!!!

Rode these a few days ago.


  1. I am in total awe when I see a hoar frost. It looks like the whole world has been coated with powdered sugar.

  2. Hi Steve - looks mighty cold ... but love seeing the seasons come and go through your eyes and the prairie ... the soup sounds rather good! Cheers Hilary

  3. I had to make chocolate cupcakes last night to cope with our sugar low after
    Lovely to see the wee birds doing well I hope, in the winter!

  4. It is nice to have a cup of hot coffee in a warm room looking out on a cold day. The temperatures are supposed to drop tomorrow for us.
    I like all the pictures and especially mama cardinal. I think she is a pretty bird.

  5. That first picture is beautiful; and, of course, I love all the animals and birds. It always amazes me that those tiny birds can withstand the cold of winter.

  6. we've been having springlike weather but it's colder today and supposed to get down in the 20s later in the week. grilled cheese on rye sound good.

  7. Yes, that's some mixture with weather, birds and food!

  8. Hi Steve,
    I love the idea of the swans at a coffee shop. Wouldn't that make a great picture?
    That cardinal is beautiful.
    Okay, I'm on my way over for soup and sandwiches! :)

  9. With the weather we're getting I'll be in need of some comfort food. What is thatin the second picture

  10. I adore grilled cheese and tomato soup. Perfect winter food!

  11. I love the bird photos! So beautiful! Soul food sounds so good!

  12. Lots of frozen ice drops here as well.....

  13. Now I need to go make chocolate chip cookies...Hahaa
    Looks cold there! Stay warm!


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