Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sunday Stroll: Collective Thoughts

It is that time of year. A video of a fire behind me warms the room filled with a collection of tradition and love. I was shocked being the tallest in line, but always enjoy this pose each year. Hoping the best to you and your families during a lovely holiday season. I asked Santa if he knew any Yiddish and he said "Oy vey," when I sat on him. I added this to my stroll just because it is a fun shot and I wanted to share. I have an Ugly Sweater party to attend Wednesday. It seems to have taken over from the polyester themed parties, although I will hold on to my baby blue sport jacket.
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A group of collective thoughts
Eclectic, eccentric, an array of ideas
A sketch of my life around me.

What a treat having the teepee up all summer, but with winter near it had to come down.

Hey ya, hey hey a no wa,hey wa, hey na na a no wa!

Summer thoughts
Linger away
Melding with 
A charming Fall
As winter begins
Out on the prairie.


  1. This was a fine Sunday stroll. It is a shame the teepeee must come down.

  2. Hi Steve - some lovely shots ranging from Santa and that 'person' on his knee - way too old for toys surely! Then life as it rolls along the prairie ... enjoy the festive spirit of the this time of year .. cheers Hilary

  3. How beautiful. I especially love the sunlight through the skeleton of the teepee and the last shot of the low clouds lingering over the prairie. The first shot is a keeper too! Classic! Do you have a childhood sitting-on-Santa's lap photo to compare it too? I was probably usually crying in those photos. lol

  4. It is so hard to stand out at an ugly sweater party. The competition is stiff compared to all those shorties in Santa's line.

    Enjoyed the stroll.

  5. wonderful stroll. Did you tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas while you were sitting on his lap? :)
    We have an ugly sweater contest at work this Friday

  6. I hope Santa brings you what you asked for. :) A nice eclectic set of images, for sure. I especially enjoyed the little cabin, the pump, and the sun shining through the teepee poles.

  7. Your Sunday stroll wa a long one! Yes late fall is turning into winter. Winter has been here for about 6 weeks.

  8. I agree with Emma, a shame the teepee has to come down.

  9. Great photos. I like the ones looking up. Hope you get what you wanted from Santa.

  10. I hope you asked Santa for a great gift! Winter should be upon you soon:)

  11. That was so much fun! Hope Santa's holding up well for the 25th!
    Lots of awe inspiring nature shots on your prairie walk which I really enjoyed!

  12. love your stroll and the photos. I can't believe you don't have snow yet!

  13. My mother, if she were still alive, and my sister would have been right in line behind you to sit on Santa's lap:)

  14. Hahaa...I don't think we Ever get too old to see Santa!
    Hope you told him what your heart desired!!

  15. Good luck at the ugly sweater party. Did you tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas?

  16. I love the picture of you on Santa's lap! Great photos!! Beautiful!!


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