Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happpy Birthday Winter

On the river

Thousands of geese form a giant raft on the lake.
High winds created waves that sculpted ice on all the logs around the lake.

Ice diamonds with an eagle

The swans with grey are youngsters.
Trumpeter Swans and Lesser Scaup ducks.



  1. That squirrel is cute and Santa looks so serious!

  2. You have an awesome wetlands there that's being well used by birds.

  3. Hi Stephen - that looks cold .. it's still ridiculously warm here .. and they're threatening (if that's the right word) we might break 15.6 degC (60 degF) ... as a record high for December since we started collecting data. I don't like the cold ... but it's not doing nature much good ...

    Love the tree and that Santa Claus man, let alone the modelled waistcoat ... good to see ... cheers to you and yours - have a very happy and festive time - Hilary

  4. I would hate to be one of those geese or swans floating around in that cold water.
    Good job on the sweater. It sure is festive :)

  5. Such an icy swim for all the birds, you know they got good insulation. Great pictures.

  6. Oh, it looks so cold out there. Nice picture of you and your Christmas vest.

  7. Gorgeous photos!!! Love that sweater!


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