Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I can't believe I am finding this violet in Novenber.
The hills in this area were once ocean reefs in the Pennsylvanian age.

I think a bird did a fast stop and start here.
Freshwater Clam shell
This looked like maybe a beaver took a tree down  to the water.

Ground Cherries

Participating in a photo hike at Neal Smith National Nature Preserve.
Wishing for more clouds as the sun slowly sets.


  1. That is a rare violet. The ones that grow near my house have died back for next spring. I love the water pictures. I am a waterbug at heart. Sunsets were a nice ending. Cheers mountain man.

  2. stalwart little violet. beautiful pictures but I'm surprised no snow.

  3. You have such a nice variety of fall pictures. Each is unique and represents the area so well.

  4. You showed some nice detail in the first photos.

  5. Treasures indeed! Thanks Steve...:)

  6. Beautiful photos, your Bluebird is so pretty:)

  7. Especially love the first and last pic.
    The bird threw on the skids:)

  8. Nature is confused for sure - I live in Florida and my pear tree is blooming in November; not supposed to happen until spring

  9. Love the shot of the photo walk. And those sunset shots! Amazing. No clouds required.


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