Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Stroll: A Warm November

Marcie  at "A Quiet Country House",who always extends a greeting to get many of us out on a Sunday Stroll. She asked that I extend that greeting to all of you to enjoy a most beautiful day and share with everyone on your blogs the invitation to join in.

When we celebrate Thanksgiving on November 24th, these turkeys seem to be a rarer sighting. Turkey is a favorite food for many.
This is the Raccoon River, one I have  explored since I was a youngster.

Each gust of wind
Left golden trails
In the flowing water.

Out on the prairie

Clouds forming in the south

A milkweed seed floats in the left of this picture, a hard capture.

Oh Mr. Bluejay
Thank you so much
For joining me
On such a lovely day.


  1. You had a great walk, so much to see. We have turkey come up in our yard. Lately, it has been a great flock. mom turkey has been lucky to keep so much of her brood.

    My favorite are the clouds. I never get tired of looking at the play of clouds against the blue and the sun. Good show.

  2. Thanks for the lovely stroll. I enjoyed every moment.

  3. It was a lovely walk and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now i need to walk to the post office. I wonder what sights I will see on the way.

  4. Looks like a great day for a stroll. I believe I"ll go take one here.

  5. Wonderful November photos! Thank you for extending the Stroll Invitation. I will do a shout out on my blog in a few minutes. Hoping to squeeze in a stroll, but have chores to catch up since I was gone overnight! Life on a farm!

  6. You show some great autumn changes.

  7. You always have such wonderful photos from your walks. I appreciate that you share them. It has been such nice weather. I bet you are enjoying it as much as I am. Thanks for the walk.

  8. How beautiful and serene.
    If I was in charge, I'd pardon all the turkeys on Thanksgiving;)

  9. So many wonderful photos from your stroll but I was really drawn to the grasses & the leaves floating on the Raccoon River! What a fun name!

  10. Nice turkey! I don't care about the turkey for Thanksgiving - I always go for all the side dishes!

  11. is that a clear water river? the ones down here are silty and brown though the ones in the hill country just a couple of hours north of us are clear. lots of lovely photos.

  12. Look at those leaves floating down the stream. If leaves are happy, those ones are.

  13. Lots of great captures. Today it is pretending to be "about" to rain. Yesterday we got a whopping .03 of an inch. I think a giant bird spit on my weather deal outside. LOL!

  14. The Raccoon River is a beauty! Love the feathers and the grasses and the leaves floating on the river. A great Sunday stroll.


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