Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Stroll: The End Of The Day

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Following a deer trail along the river, I hoped to spot some deer up close. A recent rain had made the leaves covering the trail more soft so I could walk with better stealth. There are no guarantees, since these creatures of the forest be on guard for rivals to compete for the does in the area. Tiny yearlings begin to form small herds, being chased off by an approaching buck wanting their mother's complete attention. I always feel sorry when I see them, knowing they are fairly adaptive to the situation, but now completely on their own. When I started my hike I noticed the angle of the sun would provide a good chance to get reflections on the water. It depended where I was since huge hills surrounded me on all sides. Sometimes the sun was visible and others behind a ridge.
As the sun shone on the opposite bank it illuminated the bare trees with it's golden color.

These leaves turned translucent with the sun shining through. 

The sky reflects perfectly on the water, as if it were a mirror.

A rub where a buck has polished up his antlers to look his best.

An owl house, we have 24 more to set around the county being made at a local high school.

A hay rake once pulled by horses, washed downstream by yearly floods.
No deer tonight, but what a great time to be out in the woods.


  1. That's a great stroll with some awesome sunset photos.

  2. The blandness of fall has its own unique beauty.

  3. Hi Steve - looks such a lovely walk or stroll through the woods - gorgeous views and story line ... the owl houses are a great idea for the schools to make up ... and presumably get to see the owls once they've nested and settled ...

    ... the sun has just risen here from across the Channel in France - amazing orange ball ... it warms the flat up nicely! Cheers Hilary

  4. A wonderful Sunday stroll. The deer should be running pretty good around here today being the first day of deer season.

  5. It's nice to be able to take an evening walk without those pesky mosquitoes, isn't it? You got some great reflection shots, and I like the old hay rake. Great sunset, too.

  6. As always, beautiful pics. Except for the opening the owl house looks a lot like the bluebird houses doesn't it?

  7. looks lovely. no place around here for that. all farm and range land.

  8. The perfect day to be out in the woods! I love the golden light on the trees and the reflections on the water.
    Enjoy your week.

  9. The raffle looks like a rib cage. My favorite photos are with the sun highlighting the trees across the river. I love when I see that from the treestand. Hope it was worth the chiggers. Chiggers in November, go figure. Thanks for sharing.


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