Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Here And There

White-breasted Nuthatch

The last of the season, a Sulphur Butterfly the end of November.
House Finch

A prairie at rest
Saves the best
When spring begins
But beauty is always there
And never seems to end.

Old barn shares
With  me the stories
Of the ages past and gone.

He followed me around all day
Watching me take photos
Watching me play
Sometimes he was in front of me
Just trying to race the sun
Shadow play, out on the prairie.


  1. I love all those bird pictures. Neat barn too!

  2. Some great shots here. Love the sunset, the light on the grasses, and that great old barn.

  3. I love this post and your beautiful photos of the prairie. The old barn is a treasure . Once again you caught the light so well as it touched the grasses and plants.

  4. Nice... I scattered New England asters yesterday and saw my first purple finch at the feeders. ;)

  5. Hi Steve - lovely look around ... love the starting to rest prairie ... having just had a glorious day here ... cheers Hilary

  6. You pictures of the nuthatch are outstanding. It was a good walk through the country.

  7. Oh if the wall of that barn could talk :)

  8. I like these photos. The prairie is taking a long nap. I like all the shades of brown.

  9. You certainly did find beauty in the fall prairie. Good shot of the nuthatch. Not many of them stay here for the winter.

  10. Nuthatches are one of my favorite kind of birds.

  11. the light on the dried grasses is lovely.

  12. I loved the 'He had followed me around all day," verse.
    Thanks for sharing your great pics.

  13. loved these fabulous sights .
    you are right beauty here and there never ends because it is in you EYE .
    it is in your LOVE for life and nature .
    you are blessed.


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