Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Here And There

White-breasted Nuthatch

The last of the season, a Sulphur Butterfly the end of November.
House Finch

A prairie at rest
Saves the best
When spring begins
But beauty is always there
And never seems to end.

Old barn shares
With  me the stories
Of the ages past and gone.

He followed me around all day
Watching me take photos
Watching me play
Sometimes he was in front of me
Just trying to race the sun
Shadow play, out on the prairie.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Stroll: The End Of The Day

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Following a deer trail along the river, I hoped to spot some deer up close. A recent rain had made the leaves covering the trail more soft so I could walk with better stealth. There are no guarantees, since these creatures of the forest be on guard for rivals to compete for the does in the area. Tiny yearlings begin to form small herds, being chased off by an approaching buck wanting their mother's complete attention. I always feel sorry when I see them, knowing they are fairly adaptive to the situation, but now completely on their own. When I started my hike I noticed the angle of the sun would provide a good chance to get reflections on the water. It depended where I was since huge hills surrounded me on all sides. Sometimes the sun was visible and others behind a ridge.
As the sun shone on the opposite bank it illuminated the bare trees with it's golden color.

These leaves turned translucent with the sun shining through. 

The sky reflects perfectly on the water, as if it were a mirror.

A rub where a buck has polished up his antlers to look his best.

An owl house, we have 24 more to set around the county being made at a local high school.

A hay rake once pulled by horses, washed downstream by yearly floods.
No deer tonight, but what a great time to be out in the woods.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hello Moon

I waited two evenings to get good shots of the super moon. As the sun set the clouds moved in and blocked the moon coming over the horizon. Later I was able to get a few shots as it ascended into the sky. It was a good excuse to sit in a cornfield and shiver with some of the first chilly nights. I watched the sun set, and thought of many times and friends I had sat with. While going to school in Arizona it was fun to sit and watch both the sun and moon move over a pass where two mountain ranges came together. Maybe it is the primitive in us that produces the draw, I feel many times a surge of spirit. One of the first things I do each morning is see what the sunrise is doing, and feel good to enjoy another day out on the prairie. We talked about that at a retreat I went to this last weekend and I laughed thinking how I almost felt many of the areas I helped work on were almost like children and fun for me to watch them grow each year. It keeps me where I live, close the land I love so well. My gentle thoughts drifted across the land, on a gentle prairie breeze, for all to enjoy.

My best from the first night and below best of the second morning. Pretty close to the same. I like the mountain range on the right edge with a large crater.
I like the mountain range on the right side.

You know winter is close when your pony sports a beard.