Monday, October 3, 2016

Old Haunts Revisited

Tiny but mighty, a Smallmouth Bass is a tough fighter and fun to catch.I first fished here in my late teens catching these warriors here and in a nearby river. I found an old broken pocket watch here and used to keep it in my tackle box saying it told me when it was time to go home. Good memories surrounded me while I fished here on this day and I will return again tomorrow to enjoy them more.
A Sand Prairie offers some plants one might not expect to find in Iowa. This gem harbors a small toad and a tortoise that protected it from a highway going through it.The prickly Pear is gorgeous when in bloom in the Spring.

This late blooming sage attracts many to it's sweet nectar
Have you ever snuck up on something to find it not what you were expecting.
I wondered what this squirrel was doing until I saw the wire in it's tail. A friend was using it and other props to demonstrate habitat to a group of fifth grade students.

A Sweat Bee visits my shirt


  1. We discovered a nest of sweat bees in an old rotting tree trunk. Most of the trunk was gone but a bit of it remained in the ground. I got stung. That is how the bees were there. Ouch.

  2. It's fun to revisit some of those old haunts from time to time and even more fun when you can create new memories while reliving old ones.

  3. Cool shots...amazed that a prickly pear cactus grows that far north! They are everywhere around here.

  4. Hi Steve .. the Small Mouth Bass looks a great catch ... and it's good you enjoy catching them ... love the different scenery in the sandy soil ... cheers Hilary

  5. Loved the story of the broken watch:)

  6. I love the water. Since life does not appear to be slowing down, I plan to get a kayak after the first of the year.
    Broken watches are good to decide quitting time.
    Cheers, Ann

  7. That's hilarious. The squirrel does look a little off sitting there!

  8. Always fun to visit old haunts.

  9. You've got it all: skies, plants, fish, butterflies...


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