Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Beauty

The colors of the landscape change daily

Seeds in the wind blow away

A captive audience applauds

Out on the prairie.

On another note, I went to a gathering to listen to Margaret Kerry. She was the model used to draw Tinkerbelle ,in the animated version of "Peter Pan". At 87 years old she was amazing with her spunk and vigor, showing a few moves on stage that had made her famous. She was in "Our Gang" and a number of other television shows and movies. We stood in line and danced a short shuffle doing a bit of tap dance, my having to ad lib watching her moves. I hope at 87 that I too will have this kind of energy.


  1. Autumn is my favorite season. We are having a drought, so the leaves are turning brown and dropping. But the weather is good.

    Margaret Kelly looks amazing for 87. To have so much energy is terrific.

  2. A lovely series of fall prairie photos but I am intrigued to know what those pale green/ yellow round fruit like plants were?
    Margaret Kerry looks amazing for her age!

    1. Osage Oranges, they also are called Hedge Apples.They were often planted as a living fence. Native Americans prized the wood to make their bows.

  3. Margaret looks amazing, and your description of her energy and agility is equally amazing. Something for us to aspire to...aging gracefully.

  4. Things are quickly turning to fall colors around here.
    Margaret looks amazing for 87.

  5. Autumn is as much a time for plants as spring is. It must have been fun to interact with Margaret Kerry.

  6. Love the shot of the milk weed! Beautiful! How fun that you met Margaret the tinkerbell model. She sounds awesome!

  7. It's really starting to look like fall there!

  8. Great shots. I can almost hear the wind whispering through the leaves.

  9. What a great opportunity you had! Margaret Kelly amazing! Beautiful nature shots!

  10. Hi Steve - love the photos ... and I've watched a programme on the 'march' of our Painted Lady butterflies from Morocco to the UK and back and other places ... so now I have a better idea of what your tagging your Monarchs entailed.

    Are those oak galls on the ground? Then what fun to hear Margaret Kerry speak ... and yes I'd love to very much alive and kicking at 87 ... cheers Hilary


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